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Re: Hurd Windows (assistance)

Dear Judy,

you're probably mistaking the GNU/Hurd project for "Hurd Windows".

The GNU/Hurd mailing list you're writing to is a worldwide group of
software developers who are writing and maintaining the main component
of the GNU operating system. We are not affiliated in any way to "Hurd
Windows". In fact, most of us (perhaps all of us) didn't knew such a
company even existed.

Kind regards and good luck with your search.


> I would appreciate some assistance in finding Hurd Windows.  There
> web site does not seem to work.
> I live in Reno, Nevada, and need a replacement window which has
> cracked.  I need to find a representative.
> Could you please assist me in looking Hurd's main office?
> Many thanks for your help.
> Judy Sturgis

Farid Hajji. http://www.farid-hajji.net/address.html

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