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Re: please test libtool 1.5a

   > I don't have a GNU/Hurd system at hand, is anyone tracking
   > libtool CVS to ensure it works? If not it'd be nice that someone
   > checked it. Simply by grabbing a snapshot from cvs "branch-1-5"
   > (cvs co -r branch-1-5 libtool) and running "make check" on it.

   Did somebody (Alfred?) get around doing this? Seems libtool-1.5.1
   is not yet released. I could perhaps do it this week, but I had to
   dust up my Hurd box and in general, I don't really have time for
   this right now.

I can do it today, and report back tomorrow.

And next time, please keep non-Debian issues of debian-hurd.

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