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Re: Debian archive

On Sun, 7 Sep 2003, Ahmed wrote:

> The most broken thing I met was the archive.
> Example:
> I can not install dpkg-dev.
> It depends on perl-module which itself depends on perl.
> But I have perl 5.6 and perl-module 5.8.

J2 was the first of the libc0.3 and hurd 0.3 images.  As this was a major
and fundimental change J2 was built as soon as possible so that people
could get a system installed despite deficiencies.  As with all the
images, this was a snapshot of a moving target.

> Why is the Hurd Debian archive dual?
> alpha.gnu.org and ftp.debian.org.
> Even on the CD, I got a local/ directory.
> Why double archives?

There are a number of reasons why GNU packages do not reach the standard
required for the main Debian archive.  These are found in alpha.gnu.org.
These packages are integrated into the installation system via the /local
directory.  This filesystem also contains packages from other sources.

GNU is under development and a policy for the production of the images has
emerged over the last three years.  The CDs are a snapshot of GNU and are
produced without disturbing the development process of the os.  There is
no freeze in the development while the images are produced.


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