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Re: Hazelnut - Pistachio

On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 01:49:51PM +0200, Jochen wrote:
> regarding to the discussion about the microkernel version, which is used
> for the L4 / Hurd in the "Hurd advocacy" thread I just found more
> information about hazelnut than pistachio at the GNU websites:
> Porting GNU Hurd to L4 http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/l4-hurd.html
> shows as far as i can see only information about hazelnut and fiasco but
> nothing about pistachio.

This page is not linked to by the main page.  The only way you can find it
is by following out of date links and google index.

The link to the l4hurd project that is on the web page points to an obsolete
source of information, too, though.
> Additional this website was last updated in December 2000.

It's still in the CVS, but that doesn't mean it has any authority.
> As there is infomation about the project status, motivation for porting
> to L4, mailing lists, and so on, I would recommend to update this
> website to the actual status.

I guess I better delete it.
> The "Hurd advocacy" thread discussed, how to improve the number of
> developers, how to get more interest by people and so on. Having actual
> websites about this project has to be highest priority -- in my
> opinion -- to get all those interest, discussed here.

We suck at writing web pages.  Feel free to write some.  If we like them, we
might even incorporate them on gnu.org.


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