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Hazelnut - Pistachio

Hi Folks,

regarding to the discussion about the microkernel version, which is used
for the L4 / Hurd in the "Hurd advocacy" thread I just found more
information about hazelnut than pistachio at the GNU websites:
Porting GNU Hurd to L4 http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/l4-hurd.html
shows as far as i can see only information about hazelnut and fiasco but
nothing about pistachio.

Additional this website was last updated in December 2000.

As there is infomation about the project status, motivation for porting
to L4, mailing lists, and so on, I would recommend to update this
website to the actual status.

The "Hurd advocacy" thread discussed, how to improve the number of
developers, how to get more interest by people and so on. Having actual
websites about this project has to be highest priority -- in my
opinion -- to get all those interest, discussed here.

best wishes

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