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Bootable (Knoppix-like) CD -- ramdisks

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Philip Charles wrote:
> For a GNU live CD to work a hurdish ramdisk would have to be created and
> setup at the initial boot.  If this could be done we could also use this
> to create a native GNU installer.  At the moment the CDs have to use a
> Linux ramdisk and then reboot into GNU once the HDD has been setup.  I can
> think of no way of rebooting into a ramdisk.

	Can this ramdisk be a regular hurd translator?  Or does it have to
be a special beast because the full system isn't up and running?  I'm
guessing it must be the hard one (anyone care to venture a guess?),
because it seems like a ram disk would be one of the easier translators to
make.  I'm sure this has probably been discussed before, so I'll google
around to see what I can come up with.

Greg Buchholz

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