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Re: Hurd Advocacy?

On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 03:29:28PM -0700, deFreese, Barry wrote:

> in the fact that there is a
> lot of design and theory behind Hurd, I have to agree with Marco for one
> main reason.

I do apologize for getting flamey, but it was an honest (if visceral)
response to "what do you think needs to be done to the
HURD?". Besides, it's not like I'm known for anythinig or my opinions
actually carry any weight :)

I'm a good enough programmer to know that I'm nowhere near good enough
to be a kernel developer; my point being that I know how involved and
complex OS design is. It's just that for the months I've been quietly
reading this list, it seems that nothing ever moves forward except via
the announcement of yet another transition to yet another platform
which will Totally Fix Everything, No Really This Time.

I also retract my statement about the 2G limit being
second-most-annoying. The fact that the HURD must be bootstrapped from
Linux (on install) is #2. Then the 2G limit. Then everything else.

Shawn Boyette

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