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Re: crosshurd observations

On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 02:29:43PM -0400, Matthew Grant wrote:

> I was just digging into the crosshurd package.  I installed it using a
> Debian GNU/Linux stable system. It seemed to go alright.  I then
> rebooted and got to a single user shell.  My keyboard wasn't doing
> command completion and I couldn't type the ./native-install correctly
> .  I then noticed that it couldn't find runsystem. I looked in the FAQ
> about my keyboard typing problem and saw the issue about the /tmp
> console being loaded on top of another console.  I don't know if this
> was the case. 

Erm..  You did read /usr/share/doc/crosshurd/README right?  =) You are
unlikely to complete a successful installation without reading that

The documentation also covers almost all current known bugs, and notes
the work arounds.  Sorry that the install isn't more user friendly. 
Patches accepted. =)

Jeff Bailey

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