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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd crossinstaller: "crosshurd"

Robert Millan <zeratul2@wanadoo.es> writes:

> AFAIK, the bug that breaks coreutils is #190581, which is not exactly
> the same as #44039. To quote myself:
> "Glibc maintainers: bug #44039 is not exactly the same as #190581, so
> i'm not merging. i'd say that #44039 is a "multibug" that contains a patch
> which fixes #190581, but doesn't fix all the bugs in #44039"

Just a stupid question: Are all Hurd bugs in the debian BTS added to
savannah? Personally I do not look at the debian BTS, but I use
savannah. Is there something simple but high priority I can do during
my vacation?


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