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Debian GNU/Hurd crossinstaller: "crosshurd"

Hello from Debcamp in Oslo!

I've had a lovely opportunity to talk with the debootstrap maintainer
about our needs, and we have devised some ways to cooperate.

My plan all along has been that crosshurd and debootstrap should be
integrated.  However, we had a series of needs that weren't supported by
debootstrap.  It seems that this week we've managed to setup a plan for
how to solve almost all of these problems.

What does this mean for y'all?  Well, I will be working towards this
integration.  Part of this is dropping the apt requirement.  Part of
this will make debootstrap work.

But, I need help!

We have a pile of stuff sitting on alpha, and we need to be more
aggresive in eliminating that repository.

I will do up a new Hurd package by the end of debcamp/debconf which has
some libdiskfs fixes and such.  Some brave soul could take on 44039.  It
looks about medium difficulty.  If you provide a fix for that, please
send it to the bug address, not upstream.  I will take care of getting
it in upstream.

As soon as all of 'base' is in the archive proper and not in alpha, I
can get going on the new method.

Jeff Bailey

Breathe into my hands, I'll cup them like a glass to drink from...
 - Tattle Tale

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