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Re: why was um-pppd removed?

> >   (please keep the CC to debian-hurd)

> > > It was up for adoption for about a year, or maybe more. Neal promised he
> > > would adopt it, he didn't. There were no NMUs, despite the fact that
> > > um-pppd didn't build from source. I considered that lack of interest.

> It is a very valid reason to request its removal. If there is _no_
> activity for a year, nor a request to me, to actually apply the
> patches in the BTS and upload, nor an NMU, nor adoption, then the
> package clearly has zero users. If it has zero users, it has nothing
> to do in the archive.

If um-pppd is unwelcome in the debian archives, why not
add it temporarily in the hurd sources, perhaps with the
intent of turning it later into a ppp translator?

IMHO this complete thread is pointless. Arguing over
maintenance issues that are purely political in nature
is a waste of time.



Farid Hajji -- Unix Systems and Network Management.
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