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RE: K3 Install killed my machine

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> From: deFreese, Barry [mailto:Barry.deFreese@nike.com]
> Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 9:10 AM
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> Subject: RE: K3 Install killed my machine
> Yes.  But what I realized last night after some prodding from 
> Derek was that
> the first time I rean configure I used the 
> modules.x86.pc.full module file.
> So even though I took your advice and pulled down the 
> modules-light.x86 file
> and re-ran configure, the config.status file was still using the other
> module. (At least I think.  I havent tried to re-run make yet 
> but I am doing
> that this morning).
> Thanks again!!
> Barry deFreese

OK, I am now able to make oskit with the modules-light.x86 file.  Got mig
OK.  Now when I try to make kernel-ide+ethernet_vortex I get an error: make:
*** No rule to make target 'kernel-ide+ethernet_vortex'. Stop.

I saw in bug-hurd some discussion about this problem but didn't quite
understand the answer.  Anyone got a quick fix?  I believe it has to do with


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