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Re: install report

On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 15:51, Bob Ham wrote:
> > However, the
> > linker doesn't look in this directory for shared libraries, and will
> > not honor LD_LIBRARY_PATH when a binary is suid/sgid.  A simple hack
> > you might use would be to create a symlink in /lib to each symlink in
> > /X11R6/lib that points to a library there.
> Aye, I understand that, but I was sure I saw somewhere that rxvt worked
> (like, out of the box.)  The installed binary is sgid tho, so I'll unset
> it and hopefully that should sort it out.  Should have checked before I
> suppose.

Just to confirm: this was indeed the problem.

Bob Ham <rah@bash.sh>

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