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XFree 4.2.1-5 alpha quality debs

Hi all!

After overhauling a rules file and being absent from my
Hurd work for quite some time now I've finally managed
to build the XFree 4.2.1-5 debs. These are now to be
considered old since there is at least a -6, as well as
the 4.3 effort by Robert.

However, I thought I'd share my results and maybe gain
some alpha-testers since I haven't tested them myself yet.
That means you cannot bug me with questions if nothing
works or totally wrecks havoc of your system.

   deb ftp://ftp.gnufans.org/gnu/hurd/debian unstable main

There are still some things I need to fix before I can
put an end to this effort (in the following order):

   * Move my "patches" to 4.2.1-6
   * Get the man pages to build cleanly (currently missing)
   * Fix the shlibs.local
   * Try with Neals' pthreads
   * Fix the Packages[.gz] on the ftp.


Joachim Nilsson :: <joachim AT vmlinux DOT org> 
+46(0)21-123348 :: <http://vmlinux.org/joachim/>

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