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Re: Hurd

Thanks for the info.

Just downloaded the K2 images and will give it a try today.

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> On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 08:54:04PM -0000, Colin JN Breame wrote:
> > I was wondering about whether Hurd is still being actively developed and
> > whether it has a future or not.  (does anyone have a plan??)
> yes, the Hurd is still being actively developed by (from what I can
> gather) somewhere between 5 and 8 developers (plus the odd helper).
> Big improvements have been made in the last year or so making Hurd-based
> GNU systems usable for day-to-day use by regular techs.
> The current problems are the 2Gb filesystem partition limit, and
> the lack of ppp support (well, it's not reliable enough for use), I
> believe the latter problem is being fixed at the moment.
> A data-corruption filesystem bug is reportedly on the loose but I
> have yet to encounter it despite running a suceptable version of
> GNU.  There are also problems with X at the moment, I don't think
> it works right now but this is a very temporary problem.
> If you are familiar with GNU/Linux then the only knowledge problem
> is likely to be mounting harddisks and setting up devices.
> > I use my computer for my uni-work but recently I've been considering
> > the jump to a GNU-ish system.
> Having a GNU/Linux installation would be advisable so you can boot
> into it when your stuck and want to read docs or whatever.
> >  I have quite a lot of free time and I suppose
> > I'm looking for a project, and perhaps Hurd is that.
> It's certainly one of the more interesting pieces of software
> out there, an little-discovered gem. "The Hurd Hacking Guide"
> give great insight into how the system works.
> (I haven't stayed up to date with mailing list traffic in the
>  last week or three but I think my info is still correct.)
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