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Re: high resolution textmode?

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 09:33:50PM +0100, Carlos Enriqe Carleos Artime wrote:
> Ok. I don't mind I cannot use X in the K2 series. Anyway, I've never
> been able to run X properly in GNU/Hurd.  But I would like to know
> whether there is any way of getting a high resolution console to work
> with.  I mean, after using SVGATextMode and Framebuffer in GNU/Linux
> and FreeBSD, I just can't stand 80x25 text modes.  Is there anything
> similar to Linux' "vga=0x317" option?

svgatextmode had been ported, you might still be able to find it somewhere
(-> list archive).  My new console does not yet have svga support, but it
could be added.  Some other changes for non-80x25 modes would be needed as
well in the console stuff, but it isn't too hard to do at all.

The difficulty is of course the plethora of graphic card hardware.
But integrating svgatextmode drivers into the vga console driver is
certainly an interesting small project.

> By the way, I assume SVGAlib is not yet working, is it?

Nope.  I looked at it, but the whole thing is just too horrible, and
input drivers are still a bit lacking on the Hurd side.


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