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a student

I am a student at 29 high my friend Aftan Durston hit this girl in her face. Bob Tompson called me up to his office along with 3 or 4 other girls to tell us that he knew that we where gonna try to jump the girl Aftan hit. me personally it had not even crossed my mind. while in his office he yelled at me telling me that if i laid a hand on her he was calling the police, and that he would expell my friend Aftan. which he can not do Aftan has no control over me or anyone but herself for that matter. during first trimester Aftan had a 4.0 and was ranked #1 in the whole freshmen class. She would not have hit the girl (windy) for no reason. from what I understand windy said something about Aftan's dad who for the time being is currently in jail. That is what made Aftan snap. I will not lie if it was me and she said something about my father who was in jail I would have hit her too. although unlike Aftan I would not have stopped at one hit. Bob Tompson had no right to yell and threaten me and Aftan's friends for something none of us had done.
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