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K2 images

The first two K2 images are now on ftp.gnu.org/iso thanks to Andrew
Mitchell.  The next two should be available in the next day or so.

The main change has been a revision of how the packages are placed on the
CDs and the introduction of install.sh which installs the required,
important and standard packages as defined in the Priority field.

gui.sh is still there despite xfree not working.

More *hurd-i386.deb's are being forced onto the second CD and people
installing without a network connection may find that the need the second
image.  Could I have feed-back about this please.

I have been stupid enough to allow myself to become over committed for the
next three months, but I hope that the present scripts will allow me to
build the K3 series with little hassle.  I would suggest that this could
be done once xfree is working again.  Would someone inform me when this

Enjoy GNU.


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