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Re: VT_ACTIVATE ioctl (virtual terminals)

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 03:23:07PM +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
> Hello!
> I think i asked this before but with the new console maybe the things
> have changed. what should we do when a program wants a VT_ACTIVATE ioctl
> on a terminal, which we don't have?
> - ask to get it defined in libc, since we now have virtual terminals?
> - just step out the ioctl operation, with some #ifdef VT_ACTIVATE 's?
> - return a runtime error as if the ioctl function failed?

I suppose that VT_ACTIVATE means "make the specified virtual console the
active one".  With a multi-attach console system this doesn't make any sense

However, the expectation is that the system display client (the default vga
client that is started at boot time and runs on the system console) is
frobbed in the specified way.

So the console *client* needs also to be a server and register in the
filesystem.  Then it needs to listen to such requests.  This is particularly
important for the vc switch with the X server.  In that case a special
synchronisation must happen because both programs access the same resources.

This si the general answer.  For the specific question you asked nothing can
be said, because none of the options make sense without knowing the context
in which they would be applied.


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