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[BUG] ext2 fs corruption

hiya been talking to alfred he recommended i write about an
ext2 corruption bug i've encountered.

i downloaded a jan 7th gnu-latest.tar.gz and when using
it i find that installing packages (i copied all of them
off of alpha.gnu.org :) i get ext2 filesystem corruption.

files get created that cannot be viewed.

directories cannot be created.

files get cross-linked.

this probably explains why i have had difficulties getting
gnu-hurd installed, as there were packages missing.

linux (2.5.3) corrects on dual-boot the ext2 errors: on
a subsequent reboot and boot back into linux again after
_that_ the file system corruption is back again if ever
there is a significant amount of file system write access.

hope that this can be fixed, let me know if you have any
questions that would help track this down, i don't mind
being told "reinstall the whole lot again with the latest
feb" sort of thing.


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