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Re: perl, gcc

On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 01:48:19AM -0800, Jeff Bailey wrote:

> I just uploaded the latest perl 5.8 to alpha.
> I think this means that the Hurd is back in an installable state.

I know for sure it was in an installable state before. Precisely,
enosig, the Eindhoven Free Software Users Group, did two GNU/Hurd
installs Friday 10 January 2003 evening (with the "untar gnu-latest",
{reboot, native-install} two times, {dselect, update, install}
method), and the installs went smoothly. I noticed Perl missing, and
debconf falling back to the "Teletype" front-end, but this doesn't
make the system uninstallable.


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