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Re: Cross installation package

El sáb, 11-01-2003 a las 15:23, Alfred M. Szmidt escribió:
>    a) The official Hurd Site does not mention "The easy guide to
>       installing Hurd on a Linux box.".
> Because it is obsolete, and broken.  Do _NOT USE IT_!!

Thank you for helping me not waste my time then with it ant the "debian"

But why is it then still mentioned in the "official" installation guide,
why are the scripts still on the Debian Site?

Why does Matthew not update his guide, or at least state that it is not
feasable anymore?

>    b) The Debian Web site does not even mention how to install The
>       Hurd from within Debian, (http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/)
>       while the respective install scripts are at the same place!
>       corss-install, dpkg-hurd, native-install
> The Debian GNU/Hurd web site does indeed mention this.  See the
> section called "How do I join?"

It is only a link to a page with a link to the page at www.gnu.org which
has a link to Neal's installations guide (and also a link back to the
Debian site) -- it's going in circles and the only way out are Neal's
instructrions, which is ok to me because, as you say:

> Also cross-install and dpkg-hurd are dead.  Do not use them!

But the rather dificult to find out how to install is rather an issue
for the hurd-web list.

Just out of curiosity: what is the reason for not maintain the
cross-install scripts alive?

Anyway, "gnu-latest" can reside inside the hurd-installer package, or
the user can be given the choice to download it at install time.

The point is, that it can and should be made easier to install hurd.

Best Regards,


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