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Re: Cross installation package

   a) The official Hurd Site does not mention "The easy guide to
      installing Hurd on a Linux box.".

Because it is obsolete, and broken.  Do _NOT USE IT_!!

      I found it until the bottom of Neal Walfields official "The
      GNU/Hurd installation guide" (which by the way helped me
      bootstrap gladly my first Hurd)

This is the official(?) guide, and is noted on the web pages at

   b) The Debian Web site does not even mention how to install The
      Hurd from within Debian, (http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/)
      while the respective install scripts are at the same place!
      corss-install, dpkg-hurd, native-install

The Debian GNU/Hurd web site does indeed mention this.  See the
section called "How do I join?"

Also cross-install and dpkg-hurd are dead.  Do not use them!

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