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Re: hurd patch

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 07:43:11PM +0100, Michael Koch wrote:

> Jeff: Whats the status of the autobuilder now ?

It spent last thursday building gcc-3.2, and the new binutils.  It spent
yesterday attempting to build pascal and chill (emails sent to Debian
maintainer).  It probably won't do much until thursday or friday when I
try to get ada running.  If that all goes well, we should have a
completely up to date and fully functional toolchain by next week. 
Glibc will still be behind until Marcus gets a chance to look at it
(unless someone else hacks it first).

If you have particular requests of things that need to be done while I'm
still choosing them by hand, feel free to let me know.  Otherwise, I'm
mostly focussing on making sure that the toolchain is correct.  There's
several assumptions (about the presence of threads, garbage collectors,
etc.) that just aren't true anymore.

Jeff Bailey

When you get to the heart,
use a knife and fork.
 - Instructions for eating an artichoke.

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