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Re: ipv6 on hurd

Olivier Péningault <peningault@free.fr> writes:

>le mer 23-10-2002 à 23:33, Niels Möller a écrit :

>> But that's all I've seen. So is anybody actually working on a hurdish
>> networking stack? I've seen no signs of that. 

> If nobody works on it, I am volunteer. And if someone does it, I am
> ready to help.
> As you said, it seems to me that a complete re-implementation of the
> networking daemons should be done...

My advice is that you start by designing and implementing some kind of
ethernetdevice (kernelspace or part kernel, part userspace translator)
that can support running several pfinets in parallell. Perhaps it
should look like the bsd tunnel devices, but I don't really know.

Another possible design is to have a separate ip-over-ethernet process
that reads and writes ethernet frames on one hand, and ip-packets on
the other (doing arp and other ethernetspecific things). But one has
to be careful about the number of rpc calls needed to send a piece of
data over the network, perhaps ip-over-ethernet is better implemented
as a module in the pfinet process than as a separate process.

(Followups should go to bug-hurd)


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