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kindly help me

Dear Friend,

I am writing you after a satisfactory profile about you  and I have the assurance that you are capable and reliable enough to champion an impending transaction as i hope this letter will not come to you as a suprise, as we have not meet before

My name is BALA MUSA. I was an assistant in the home of Major Mohammed EL Mustapha, the former chief security officer to the late Nigerian head of state, General Sanni Abacha. At the death of General Abacha, there were general arrests and persecution of his principal officers and family members, who were suspected to have terrorized Nigerians and embezzled over 10 billion US dollars.

My boss major El-Mustapha was also arrested. He is presently detained and facing charges of murder, and embezzlement of public funds. During my service in major Mustapha?s home, I was dehumanized and treated like a slave. So were other assistants helps. A chance into one of his secret rooms revealed a stockpile of millions of American dollars. This was part of his own loot, which he stored in his home. Soldiers acting on government instructions searched his home and seized a lot of money. My colleagues and I three years ago, escaped with the safe containing the sum of US$28.5 Million in cash to the Republic of Benin where I lodged the safe in a security/deposit company.

The money was perhaps defaced by Major Mustapha to avoid detection. Since my recent release after my detention in Nigeria and abandoned by relations and friends with nobody to run to, I strongly believe my contact with your profile to be divinely and I have gone ahead to place your name as the original depositor of the safe. My recent visit to the Security Company indicates that the safe is intact and has not been tampered with. Now that everything is settled, I have decided to seek for your help to take this money to your country or any other country of your choice for safekeeping. Since you are a foreigner, you will not be questioned here or anywhere in the world as all arrangement are in perfect order. Nobody can now claim this cash except you, as you are now recognized as the beneficiary.

Please note that not much is need from you in this transaction so you should not be disturbed or get worried. You are only required to and note as follows:

(1)That you  guarantee  my safe stay in your country without molestation or intimidation when we are ready to share the money.

(2)Your readiness for us to meet one another face to face at the off-shore branch of the security company abroad  in  holland, Europe.

(3)That i have arranged my meeting with you in such a way that we both go back with the safe to your country should you insist on visiting  holland

(4)That  the security company  may have the option of sending the safe\box(s)containing the money directly to you,incase it will not be convinent for you to vist the security company in Amsterdan,holland.Let me know if you prefare this option	

(5)That it will take seven working days to get everything concluded.

(6)That your bank account is not necessary.

[7]That you please reconfirm you phone numbers as all efforts to get you on phone has been very difficult  perhaps i have been making mistakes.

(8)That as soon as you indicate your interest i shall send you by attachment the picture of the safe found in the archives of my former boss before he was finally jailed.

(9)That I stand the risk of loosing the money if you refuse to do this business, your name haven been placed as the original depositor of the safe. You are expected to act expeditiously in this matter. For your assistance, I am prepared to give you 30% of the total sum. I shall retain 65%, and 5%is set aside for expenses. So I require you to respond to me at once, so that I can notify the Deposit Company about your intention to collect the safe. How sympathetic is it for you to know that no body else can help me beside you. Lastly, please note that there are no risks involved. Keep this confidential. I await your urgent response. please reply strictly to my private email;modesty500@hotvoice.com

Yours Sincerely,

remember your reply should be via ;modesty500@hotvoice.com

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