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A few "getting running" questions

Hello there,

I finally got the HURD to boot in a VMware environment.  Went through the setup
with ./native-install, etc and after going multiuser, It seems to break out of a
startup script because at the point where it tries to fsck the root filesystem
before mounting read-write, it complains because the filesystem is already

So, if the above isn't too much of a run-on sentence, my question is:  Is there
a parameter I can pass to the mach kernel from grub to tell it to mount the root
device read-only?  Most of the docs that I've seen seem to apply to the
now-deprecated (if I read correctly) serverboot method of starting things up.
There is hardly anything at all about directly loading mach from grub.

Also, it seems that ctrl-C doesn't work to exit processes.  For instance, if
apt-get gets lost, I have to crash the VM and reboot to get control back.

If I'm in the wrong list here, let me know.


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