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Re: New location of keymap.tar.gz?

* Ga?l Le Mignot <kilobug@freesurf.fr> [021020 12:07]:
> [...]
>  >> Is there a static linked version of set_key?
>  >  There is a working debian package on: 
>  >     http://kilobug.free.fr/hurd/debian/clavier_0.1_hurd-i386.deb
> Sorry, I forgot to explain that it installs the french (azerty) keyboard 
> layout, if you want another one you have to find a keymap (there is a german
> one in the tarball, and someone did a spanish one IIRC) and put it at the
> right place.

Thanks a lot, it works perfect now!


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 - Friedrich Schiller

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