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Re: New location of keymap.tar.gz?

* Wolfgang Jaehrling <pro-linux@gmx.de> [021020 01:24]:
> Good morning.
> On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 01:05:16AM +0200, Stefan Jenkner wrote:
> >  I need loadkeys.pl from the keymap.tar.gz tarball [1]
> You can get it from <http://kilobug.free.fr/hurd/keymap.tar.gz>.
> Have fun.
> Cheers,
> GNU/Wolfgang

Hello again, I've a new problem...

 The set_key binary wants libc0.2 - I've libc0.3.
 I cant build a new one with the uptodate libc0.3 and gcc-3.2 - I
 got a lot of parse errors.

 Is there a static linked version of set_key?


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 - Friedrich Schiller

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