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Re: libexec in glibc

ams@kemisten.nu (Alfred M. Szmidt) writes:

> I really would like to know who everyone is here, there are already a
> couple questions about Daniel's response to me on the FHS list about
> not a distribution is not allowed to add root-level directories.

Sorry, I can't even parse that.

> For example, the FHS wants to introduce an /srv directory, but systems
> must start using it before it gets an entry in the FHS.  Which would
> mean that all systems have to break compliance with the FHS before
> being able to be compliant.

Huh?  Not at all.  Debian, for example, has each Debain release match
a specific version of FHS, not just whatever happens to be most
recent.  FHS people should not resist making changes on some theory
that it will create a period where distributions will be
noncompliant.  Rather, we'll be complaint with a previous version, and
not the current, until a later release.

> > Moreover, Debian has already decided that it *won't* create top-level
> > directories beyond the FHS as long as there are "other places" to put
> > the same things, so adding a "you can make new top level directories"
> > sentence to FHS wouldn't change things.
> If Debian has already decided that, then please point me to this
> decision, as I cannot find anything in the Debian Policy Manual (I
> only took a brief look, so maybe I missed something)

That's my take on the actual political facts.  I'm just saying: Even
if FHS says that distributions could create their own top-level dirs,
it's exceedingly unlikely that Debian would do so.

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