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Re: libexec in glibc

Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net> writes:

> The issues is that by Debian policy, all Debian ports must follow the
> FHS.  The same is true of the FreeBSD and NetBSD ports (I only noticed
> this because of the patch to support FreeBSD).
> Certainly after */libexec is added into the FHS, we can add it back
> in.  We would have to recompile a whole lot of Debian anyway, so doing
> glibc on top of that shouldn't be a problem.

We need not change anything now in Hurd systems.  We do not need to
worry about matching aspects of policy that we expect to change by the
time we actually release.  And, we expect that FHS will have, by that
time, a Hurd-specific annex that covers this particular point.

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