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Re: How best to contribute to the Hurd?

What would be very helpful to me would be a collection of docs for the
CDs.  I never seen to find time to update, rewrite or add to them.

This could act as a focus for a doc project.


On Thu, 10 Oct 2002, Clemmitt Sigler wrote:

> Hi,
> I've recently been doing more with the Hurd, and I'm wondering how
> I can best contribute to the effort.  I have very little kernel/driver
> hacking experience, I'm afraid.  However, I don't mind writing
> documentation, and (as you can tell :^) I've been building some
> packages recently that I'm interested in.
> Is this a good way to help out?  If so, what docs need to be worked
> on most (out-of-date or incomplete)?  And what packages would it be
> productive to fix up so they build?  I'm probably not the best person
> do to a large porting effort or to fix really low-level problems, but
> I'm glad to help if I can.  I suppose I'm asking if there's a central
> docs coordinator or working list, and a list of most-requested packages.
> I've been thinking to myself that an end-user HOWTO/FAQ would be
> helpful.  I just discovered this doc-in-progress today:
>    http://seinfeld.arrowstreet.com/docs/using_the_hurd.html
> which is along these lines.  The current install doc by Neal Walfield is
> super, but IMHO it could be expanded on with more topics and more
> in-depth explanations and step-by-step instructions, which are really
> important for new users.
> It's been my experience that the Hurd is suitable now for basic
> day-to-day use by hobbyists that want a system to tinker with and
> run as a small-scale server.  If we can help people like these get the
> Hurd running -- get the system installed and configured, get networking
> and X working, and get a dial-up PPP interface working -- it may be
> possible to get more people contributing to the effort(?)
> I've found several old lists of links (some links outdated and some
> dead), some newer lists, and have only recently discovered the
> Hurd Building Guide (www.nongnu.org/hbg/hbg.html) and the Hurd
> Twiki (hurd.gnufans.org).  Would a meta-list of lists of links
> be useful?  Just thinking out loud here....
> Thanks :^)
> 					Clemmitt
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