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Re: Debian Installer

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Simon Law wrote:

> 	The idea is that we're got a lot of dependencies of Debian's
> system itself.  Right now, policy is going through some big motions; and
> debconf is going through big changes.  So either we release a version of
> woody far later than woody actually released, or try to release with a
> partially broken Debian system.

>From where I sit creating CDs quite a lot still needs to be done to create
a consistent Hurd archive.  This apart from missing utilities.  I doubt
if GNU/Hurd will be ready before the changes are complete.  I hope that
these changes will accommodate GNU.

> 	The reason to bother with the Hurd is that a) the kernel is not
> broken, and b) the Hurd has significant technical advantages.

Even a non technical person like myself has got dissatisfied with the Linux
kernel after exposure to the Hurd.  It will take time and effort to exploit
the Hurd's technical advantages, but I would expect these will come on
stream reasonably quickly.  This is in contrast GNU/Linux's 'more of the
same'.  This is the main reason for my arguing for frequent releases for

> 	However, that does not mean that we do not use the same
> packages, nor the same programs.  Although specific pieces of the
> operating system would be different, I would not expect large pieces of
> it to differ from Debian itself.

I see this more at the source level.

> 	Remember, although GNU isn't Unix, and GNU certainly isn't
> GNU/Linux; it definitely looks like both.

I see GNU/Hurd as an advance on unix and using it as a basis.


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