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Buildd status

As of right now, wanna-build is reporting that we have 1202 packages
in the "needs-build" state.

What that means for us is that there are 1200 packages (out of about
6000) or so that haven't yet been seen.  My guess is that we'll chew
through this in the next couple of weeks.  At that point, I'll begin
my second pass to try and build packages that failed just because they
were missing dependancies.

But it also means that we're now collecting packages with MAXPATHLEN
bugs, and other such things.

How do you folks want to get this information?  Are there people out
there just waiting to hack on these problems?  (Is there anybody out
there? *g* - Hmm..  I should find my Pink Floyd album) I know Marcus
was sending out [Job] emails, but it seems tedious to send out 100 of
those a day (which I suspect is on the low side).

Jeff Bailey

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 there are some fantastic pictures.
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