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Newbie feedback


I made the great jump today, and installed hurd on a spare partition.
That box already used grub, so it was easy to add an entry in the menu.lst for grub beforehand on my debian/linux install. I followed Neal's famous install guide, and advice from #hurd.

The preparation of the partition (mkfs+tar) went ok, as the adding of the entry in menu.lst. Then things became more difficult.

First problem: native-install freezes the computer; I had to reboot several times. I finally remade the partition, retried, and after several such attempts, finally succeeded (by accident?) Solution: I was told on the channel that it was a problem with the recent tarball, and it should disappear.

Second problem: the guide says "Remember to create any devices using the MAKEDEV command.". It is somewhat misleading; it should say "Remember no (or so few) devices exist, use the MAKEDEV command to create them" or something of the kind... I had to create /dev/hd0s1 for my swap, and was surprised to had to! Solution: Perhaps the first paragraph of 7.2 should be devoted to stress it more?

Third problem: I had to edit /etc/apt/sources.list to point it to hurd locations.
Solution: The default should point to the right locations!

Fourth problem: apt-get update; apt-get -u dist-upgrade failed in debconf's configuration. Solution: apt-get install dialog solved it for me, a depend should be added.

Fifth problem: root's .profile ends with "mesg n"; it worked after I had upgraded (and util-linux was installed), but was an unknown command before. Solution: add util-linux to the tarball, or do if [ -x /usr/bin/mesg ] ... in root's .profile.

I hope that report will help.

Snark on #hurd

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