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Re: Long term progress, not perfection

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 09:11:55AM -0700, Pankaj kaushal wrote:
> Apart from Philips CD's there has been little effort 
> from anyone else part to do anything on 
> distribution. 

Well, this is not true.  Jeff Bailey and me built all those packages that
were put on the CD.  A lot of people contributed to porting packages.

Much more is needed, and nobody but Philip worked on an installer and CD

Why is this so?  Because nobody did!  For example, why did I not do it? 
Because there is higher priority work for me, and that is fixing the Hurd
and the kernel to be more stable.  It is exactly those stability
improvements you have seen that I have worked on.  I might have worked on an
installer instead, then we would now have a nice installer and a Hurd that
crashes after three hours of running it.

It's quite simply a lack of resources.  I am working down a long list of
items that need to be done, and I guess everybody who is active here has his
own personal list just as long as mine.  Creating a nice installer and
distribution is somewhere below testing parted 1.6 and fixing GRUB to be
able to boot from CDs.  And it is way below things like getting oskit-mach
> Trust me and Belive me If we want to have "The Hurd"
> we have to attract developers/students (including me)
> who already work on *NIX and write *better* manuals
> and work towards atleast for now, "A Useable System"
> Rather then "Long term progress".

Everything Hurd related I did in the last three years and something had a
direct affect on usability.  Every bug I fixed, and every feature I added
was to get one more package to compile, or make the Hurd to behave more
stable and usable in a certain usage pattern.

We need your help to do it.  Please join in.


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