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Re: Diffs between Linux, the Hurd and *BSD ports of Debian - constructiveness

On 19 May 2002 14:32:53 +0200
Grzegorz Prokopski <greg@sente.pl> wrote:

>Hi all!

>It seems that we (Debian) may have three ports in not so far future:
>- Linux
>- *BSD
>- the Hurd

>I imagine that it would be good for Debian (as a whole) and Hurd
>and *BSD port too to put up a complete list of DIFFERENCES that
>MAY be needed to take into account when creating Debian ports.
>For every difference there should be complete description:
>- what is exactly the difference,
>- why is it there (what for), 
>- pros and contras of changing it to fit current (surely Linuxish!)
>Debian Policy,
>- how would it affect other ports (does it force maintainers to do
>some additional work, etc),
>- others that matter
>I belive that would be good starting point of the discussion
>(which will of course happen after Woody release) about the changes
>in the Debian (which must come anyway) and how new ports should
>best fit into (new, improved) Debian (Policy).
	This should be on a Web page, somehow

>I have no enough knowledge to start such a document, even if I am
>interested in the Hurd. I have only heard about some things like
>/hurd /libexec vs. FHS or MAXPATHLEN problem - but I am sure there's
>more to _disucss_.

	Have you been following discussions at debian-doc?
	Some people have said that Debian's way of documenting tings might not
be adequate, that it might be time for newer technologies of
documentation, and a Wiki has been advocated.	IMHO, Debian documentation is a
real problem in some areas (e.g., user's manuals).	It's difficult to
articulate and put together information so scattered as something
regarding * three * ports, with the current way of doing thins.	I think
it's high time a serious effort to document things collectively (and by
this I mean, "written by many hands) is undertaken. IMHO, it's the only
way out as things begin to get too complex and specialized.

	My two cents,


>				Grzegorz Prokopski


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