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Re: where do NEW packages go?

#include <hallo.h>
Jeroen Dekkers wrote on Sun May 19, 2002 um 04:17:34AM:
> > Why can't you follow FHS to the letter if you want to?
> Why don't you CC to debian-hurd or CC him? Maybe he can defend his
> opinion then.

Why don't _you_ provide a FAQ about this issue, or even provide some
realistic arguments that others can reproduce? Sorry people, but I
cannot see where the problems with Hurd are and as long as I do not see
any, I must presume that there are some vain people going to reinvent
the wheel.

> allowed to add extra directories to / for example, but the system
> would be unusable without /hurd. For *BSD, libexec is part of their
> ABI as that's the directory of their loader.

What is the problem? Make it /lib/exec and it is FHS compliant *g*.

> The FHS says it's for "UNIX-like operating systems". GNU isn't
> UNIX-like, you know what the acronym means. It's only POSIX
> compatible. Other than that, the only OS specific annex is for
> GNU/Linux. No BSD too. The FHS is just GNU/Linux, nothing more. Don't

It does not mean GNU/Linux and only this duo. It may be your personal
interpretation, not the common one.

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