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Re: SSH with urandom + rdate

On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 04:14:14PM +0200, Tony Granberg wrote:
> I have found that SSH times out after some idle time: it just stops to 
> respond. Restarting the sshd solves the problem for the moment.

It would be interesting to know in what state ssh is, so you could compile
it with debugging symbols and attach gdb.

> running rdate -s [host], -can- make the whole network-establishment 
> FREEZE. Pinging is impossible even. Reboot solves the problem for the
> moment,

Instead rebooting, try to kill the pfinet process, which is the network
stack.  It should be restarted automatically on next net access (you might
have to restart inetd/syslogd and other daemons, though, for the server
side.  ping should work anyway).  If this helps, it would be interesting to
find the state of pfinet when the network freezes, so you could compiel it
with debugging symbols and attach gdb to the pfinet process.

I will try to reproduce this here.  I don't know rdate, can I use any
[host], anything else to keep in mind?


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