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Re: Hurd TWiki trial - Announcement

On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 07:06:37PM +0200, Andreas Rottmann wrote:
> > They are already separate components of the system.  The official
> > Hurd package will contain the "official" versions of each such
> > translator.  A user may write their own replacement for such
> > translators.  I think it would be quite annoying to have to upgrade
> > each translator manually like that.
> > 
> I think it would be not a bad idea to ship them as separate
> packages.

It is a bad (or at least useless) idea until the internal interfaces of the
Hurd have stabilized.  The Hurd servers are all build around the core Hurd
libraries, and those internal library interfaces keep changing while we
explore new things to do with them.

> This way one could install a 'replacement' pacakge for any
> of them. And for ease of upgrade: There does nothing speak against a
> hurd meta-package IMHO...

Later, maybe not until very much later.  It's all one source package, too.

> http://www.8ung.at

Down at the moment.

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