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Re: Hurd TWiki trial - Announcement

ams@kemisten.nu (Alfred M. Szmidt) writes:

> * Robert Millan writes:
> > very interesting. you mean like, *fs, proc and auth will be treated as
> > separate components of the system? maybe there could be a package for
> > each, so they can be handled/upgraded separately. does that technicaly
> > make sense?
> They are already separate components of the system.  The official
> Hurd package will contain the "official" versions of each such
> translator.  A user may write their own replacement for such
> translators.  I think it would be quite annoying to have to upgrade
> each translator manually like that.
I think it would be not a bad idea to ship them as separate
packages. This way one could install a 'replacement' pacakge for any
of them. And for ease of upgrade: There does nothing speak against a
hurd meta-package IMHO...

Regards, Andy
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