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Re: J1 CD images

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:

> > I can almost make baseHurd.tgz.  The following packages are missing from
> > my list.
> > gnumach  (FMI, did this need to be rebuilt?)
> No, this doesn't have any dependecies on libc. I don't know if a new
> snapshot will be released.

It was removed from the Debian archive with the other hurd-i386 packages.
IMO it needs to be included in debian-staging so it gets back in again.

> > libreadline4
> > libstdc++2.10
> These are both in the debian-libio directory, meaning that it didn't
> build and needed some patches.


> > Three questions.
> >
> > Will alpha.gnu.org/gnu/hurd/debian packages need to be reviewed?
> I think we still need some dummy packages.

When I get up I will take a look at these packages.

> > What is happening with contrib?
> I don't know about this. Contrib itself is free software, but depends
> on non-free software. I don't know if we have to build this, but IMHO
> we shouldn't build non-free.

There are some very useful packages in contrib, dosemu and lyx being two
examples.  debian-cd has managed to migrate from contrib (potato) to main
(woody) and there may be other similar packages that have not managed to

While I would like to drop non-free, I don't think we can do it yet, but I
would say that it is at the bottom of the list.


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