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Re: Package Database

Hurd has an audio device!

# ln -s /dev/null /dev/dsp

Works perfectly, except for the volume bug :-)

.. grumble .. I'm sidetracked by a multitude of
projects, and am moving besides. See you at

-/\- Debconf 2 -/\- Toronto! Mmmm... Canadian beer... mmmm..


Jordi Mallach wrote:
On Mon, Apr 08, 2002 at 03:29:10PM -0700, Jeff Bailey wrote:

I'm just going through some of my buildd cleanup tasks in prep for
getting going.  One of the big ones that I could use help (read: get
someone else to do entirely) with is identifying packages which are
"not-for-us".  Right now there's alot of packages (like devfsd,
kernel-mode-pppd, etc...) that we shouldn't be attempting to build.
It would be nice to get a complete list of those.

If nobody is doing that, I might be interested.

Right now, I can think about

pcmcia stuff
kernel stuff like ipchains/iptables, etc
firewall-related tools - should we ban these? If they can generate fw
  scripts that can be used in other systems, their presence might be
audio stuff
dhcp servers/clients
beowulf things

what else?

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