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Re: Hurd T-Shirts - anyone?


Moritz Schulte <moritz@duesseldorf.ccc.de> wrote:
> it seems there are more people interested in Hurd shirts than I
> thought - already approx. 20 (most of them came from Europe).  But
> actually I didn't want to open a Hurd shirt shop myself. =) Therefore
> I sent a mail to the FSFe - and the great thing: they think these
> shirts are a good idea.  With a bit luck, we will able to order them
> directly from the FSFe, when the final design decisions are made (so,
> if you have a idea, you don't want to keep secret - tell us now. ;).

How about having a slogan on the shirts? Maybe one of the following?

The GNU Hurd - be a part of it!
The GNU Hurd - login and get stoned!
The GNU Hurd - because Un*x has been obsolete for so many years now


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