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Re: I hate to beat a dead horse, but... (spam-related)

Agreed. But what if somebody gets a virus (ahem, Outlook users) and it spams 
everybody in their address book? Isn't it possible some legitimate users 
could end up on the shared spam list by accident?

Just a thought. But you're right - I'm tired of having my heart melted "with 
this beautiful Screen saver" :-)

Plus, Valentine's day was two weeks ago!

- Josh

> A lot of the spam we get here is very predictable, and often very
> *repeated* (Valentine's day, anyone?)
> Can't we start filtering them, at least when they've shown up twice?
> Come to think of it, why not have a shared spam-list for all Debian lists?
> It would really brighten my day...
> Anyway, surely *someone* has thought of this before. Why isn't it being
> done?

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