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Re: micq on hurd

W liście z pon, 25-02-2002, godz. 00:55, harshu@hd2.vsnl.net.in pisze: 
> Hello Folks!,
> I was just wondering if text based icq client a.k.a micq has been ported to 
> the GNU/HURD system. If it is not, I would like to work on it. The problem is that I am a newbie and don't know how to go about. I would appreciate some pointers.

Don't know if micq is in Debian GNU/Hurd yet, but from what was said
at debian-devel micq was about to be dropped (because of lacking
suppport for new versions of icq protocol) in favour of vicq
as The text env. ICQ client.

					Grzegorz Prokopski

PS: Topic was: mICQ - RFA? Drop? - try searching archive if You want

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