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Re: ABI rebuild, upload methods etc.

On Sun, 17 Feb 2002, Jeff Bailey wrote:
> Yup.  Some of the other archs are going to go through an ABI change
> with moving to g++-3.0 (and with glibc 2.3, if I understand drepper's
> emails right) We're making those changes at the same time so that we
> don't have to go through that with them.

More pressure on the mirrors then.
> > I understand that there is to be a clean-out of the Hurd from the
> > official archive at some stage.
> That's the plan.  So far James hasn't said one way or the other if
> that's okay or not.    It's the cleanest solution by far.

This should not cause mirror problems, so it should be OK.

> >  Will the Hurd *all.deb packages 
> If I reread this without the word "hurd" in there, it makes sense.  If
> I've misinterpreted, let me know.

You answered my badly formed question.  It should have read "*all.deb
packages in the Hurd Packages lists".

> > remain in the archive with Hurd Packages lists?
> I think so.  I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't be there
> (Unless they only appear when their Depends: lines are fulfilled -
> I've never paid attention to it.)

A question to ponder.  Would the *all.deb packages that depend on a
*hurd-i386.deb be produced when the Hurd source is compiled?

> > This is what I would prefer.  I am assuming that the old and new
> > *hurd-i386 packages will usually be incompatable.  I presume that
> > the clean-out will occur just before we start uploading.
> Yup.  I don't want to clobber it for people who might be intereted in
> the meantime.

Agreed.  And we don't want people to think that the Hurd has died a sudden
> > I see my role as producing new iso images as a means of enabling
> > people to install the new Hurd as soon as possible.  This could be
> > important if there is a significant time lag between the completion
> > of the rebuild and the re-establishment of the Hurd archive on the
> > official mirrors.
> If we're buffering on alpha and uploading at whatever the acceptable
> rate is, then there's alot of incentive to dive through all of the
> packages as fast as possible.  Your role could be very important then.

I am in favour of rebuilding as fast as possible.  This would mean that
people will have the new Hurd asap.

Don't forget the packages at alpha.gnu.org.  They are rather important.


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