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Re: My Hurd is back online!

> First, I tried "make kernel-ide" which compiled ok, but
> upon booting said "... Welcome to GNU Mach .... OSKit...?? ????"
> and instantly went black and rebooted. I tried to hit the pause
> key a few times to read it but I'm not fast enough.

Hmm.  You should try some oskit example kernels and make sure none of them
have the same failure mode.  If not, then it may be some MMU futzing or
something of that nature that oskit-mach is doing wrong.  
Serial gdb would be a real good idea (if it even gets that far).

> The last time I cross-compiled it from linux, it would get to "user trap 2",
> pause, and then reboot. If possible I would like to build natively under
> Hurd.

For the oskit and the kernel (either oskit-mach or gnumach) it really does
not matter what system you are building on.  Might as well build on Linux
since it's faster.

> Which development packages and libs should I purge and reinstall
> if I want to have a clean Debian Hurd environment to build oskit-mach
> from; i.e. does it have many external libs or headers which are
> required for compilation? I was looking at /include/mach, /include/hurd,
> and /include/oskit in particular.

Just oskit.  The others should not matter for building the kernel, and if
they affect it that's a kernel build bug.

> I have a second machine prepped for serial debugging, except it is
> an HP 9000 715/80 running Debian HPPA, and the last time I tried I
> couldn't get gdb to build on it, apparently I need to make a hppa -> x86
> cross-debugger, correct?

Yup.  In my experience cross-GDB builds ok.  If you haven't tried the
latest gdb release, please do (configure --host=hppa-linux --target=i386-gnu).

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