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Re: Developers who write Debian GNU/Linux when they mean Debian.

On Mon, 24 Dec 2001 00:10:52 Jeroen Dekkers wrote:
> I just installed a new Debian GNU/Hurd system and while configuring
> debconf it told me that I should choose the critical priority if I'm
> new to the Debian GNU/Linux system. I see this very often, also in
> manpages: "This manual page was written by ... for the Debian
> GNU/Linux system." This should of course be "for the Debian project."

How about "..for the Debian/GNU system"? both GNU/HURD
and GNU/Linux are GNU systems so it makes sense to me
to mention "Debian/GNU" in a generic mean.

> Is there a "policy" for such things? What should I do? Should I file
> bug reports? Or should I send a mail to debian-devel asking if all
> maintainers would change such bugs? That might start a flame war, but
> I think it's worth it.

Such pages are sometimes written after a link to the undocumented(7)
manpage explains that the package needs a new manpage.

Perhaps it'd be a good idea to start modifying undocumented(7) to tell
the manpage creators to avoid the mentioned phrase.

Would a wishlist bug on 'manpages' be Ok?

btw, the manpages' package in general is extremely linuxoid..
refers to manpages for the 'Linux' system and probably most
of its contents are plenty of references to Linux.

In particular, hd(4) and sd(4) are completely out-of-context
in a GNU/HURD system.

IMHO the best thing for manpages would be to have a
linux-all package and a separate hurd-all package,
with Architecture: all and using a Kernel: tag altogether.
See dpkg wishlist #118910


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