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Re: Developers who write Debian GNU/Linux when they mean Debian.

Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen@dekkers.cx> writes:

> I just installed a new Debian GNU/Hurd system and while configuring
> debconf it told me that I should choose the critical priority if I'm
> new to the Debian GNU/Linux system. I see this very often, also in
> manpages: "This manual page was written by ... for the Debian
> GNU/Linux system." This should of course be "for the Debian project."
> Is there a "policy" for such things? What should I do? Should I file
> bug reports? Or should I send a mail to debian-devel asking if all
> maintainers would change such bugs? That might start a flame war, but
> I think it's worth it.

Just file bug reports.

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